Team rider Maria Schultz prepping for a 115 mile paddle down the Tidal Potomac River

I never thought I’d own a race board, but yet one now sits in my garage.

After going back and forth on what board to use for a 115-mile paddle down the Tidal Potomac River this spring, all signs pointed to one board – a 14’ needle shaped beauty.

I needed a board that would be efficient, fast, and stable. But because I’m pretty small at 5’1″ traditional touring boards were just a little too wide for my frame. So at 27” wide and 14’ long this was a great choice. And as far as race boards go it’s VERY stable, which is a major bonus for me because 90% of the time I’m paddling with a four legged friend…or 2!

Maria with Kona near Aquia Harbor on the Potomac River.

Maria with Kona near Aquia Harbor on the Potomac River.


Kona, my 40 lb. Australian Shepherd was actually quite comfortable on the board. She nearly fell asleep on it the first time I took her out, which only proves how stable it is.

The carbon innegra construction is also quite durable. The board has been tossed around on beaches, docks, rocky coves, and even stuffed inside a boat for a shuttle ride home. Yet as it now sits in my garage it still looks brand new.

I also love the orange graphics. Bright colors on a board are always a plus so boaters can see you easier.

I modified my board slightly so that I could tie a bag down on the back. During our 115-mile journey I needed to carry food, water, and extra clothes. I used the Boardfisher SUP Tie Down Kit, and cut away 2 small sections of deck pad to glue down the attachment points. This was a very easy and minimally intrusive solution.

I’m really happy with this addition to our quiver! It’s now my go to board when I want to work out and go fast. And of course, the icing on the cake is that I can also bring a buddy and comfortably enjoy an evening ride.