Chisel ’17

9"0' - 9"6'

45% Off


  • Designed and tested in southern California, the Boardworks Chisel 2+1 modern longboard is a dream to surf. Built with our TEC molded epoxy construction, consisting of a tuned EPS core mold, and compression sandwiched with layers of fiberglass cloth and high epoxy resin. The Chisel has a modern outline and rocker that will allow you to have more fun and catch more waves, making every session stand out.




  • The Chisel is a modern 2+1 longboard that does it all
  • Bottom has a concave bow for plenty of lift while on the nose
  • Flat belly with a vee-ed out double concave through the tail
  • This board is a pleasure off of the back foot and is an incredible noserider
  • Molded TEC (Thermal Epoxy Compression) construction
  • 2+1 fin system with longbox, and FCS II tool-less side bites

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