Versa - 10&
Versa - 10&

Versa - 10'6" All-Around Paddle Board

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Don’t let the Versa’s beauty fool you – beneath the bamboo grain print is a great all-around paddle board constructed with bombshell technology in a compact and manageable package. As if looks and strength weren’t enough, this hard paddle board is super stable. Its keeled nose cuts smoothly through the chop while the flat sections under the tail and standing area help with a fluid and stable ride. With the performance of an all-around SUP board, the Versa’s unique displacement hull provides the added effortless glide of a touring board without the extra length. Perfect for those early morning or afternoon paddle with friends around the lake.


Length: 126 in - 320.04 cm
Thickness: 5.1875 in - 13.18 cm
Width: 32 in - 81.28 cm
Volume: 234 L.
Fin set: SINGLE
Construction: BMB-V
Novice MAX.: 235 LBS.
Intermediate MAX.: 265 LBS.
Advanced MAX.: 285 LBS.

Functionalities & Materials

Easy Installation: This SUP comes an FCS II toolless fin box system, a versatile, high performance, all condition fin for longboards and stand up paddle boards that is easy to install.

Durable Construction: This SUP is made with our molded composite construction using ultra-durable kevlar & PVC materials, coupled with a beautiful bamboo veneer. Built tough & resiliant to the typical dings & dents of composite fiberglass boards.

Bmb-V: BMB-V


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