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Performance surf models designed to optimize your time in the water. Each shape promotes power & drive, providing positive flex & strength in the tail. With multiple fin configurations, the CRNT line boasts easy paddling, balance between bite & release, & a smooth, fun, easy ride.


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These boards are designed for performance, maneuverability, and pushing the limits of surfing. If radical turns, airs, and speed are your cup of tea than this is the type of surfboard you need. With a great template and outline our boards really excel in all types of waves. These boards have been designed and tested in southern California.

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Hybrid / Funboard

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These boards have fun written all over them. They are conceptualized and designed to be user friendly; with relaxed rocker and a full outline they are meant to catch plenty of waves without sacrificing maneuverability. With a more volume and a different outline than short boards these are the perfect boards for all types of waves.

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