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Froth 5&

Froth 5'6" Shortboard

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The Froth shortboards are created for fun and versatility and are perfect for beginners, rippers, and wake surfers alike. Their light, yet durable construction make these SUP surfing boards super user-friendly for surfers of all abilities. The soft EVA outer skin wraps a fully glassed, closed-cell, Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam core, keeping it light, water-tight, and promoting optimal performance for a soft-top board.

Functionalities & Materials

Created For Fun And Versatility With Generous Volume:

Great For Beginners, Rippers, And Wake Surfers:

Light, Yet Durable Construction:

Soft Eva Outer Skin Wraps A Fully Glassed Eps Foam Core:

Thruster Fin Setup:

Includes Futures G5 Fins:

Sdx: SDX


Length: 66 in - 167.64 cm
Thickness: 2.875 in - 7.3 cm
Width: 21 in - 53.34 cm
Volume: 37 L.
Fin set: Thruster
Fin included: Futures G5
Construction: SDX

Froth Collection

Convenient Construction

This construction is safe due to its soft EVA outer skin. It comes with closed-cell foam nose and tail cap for added safety of those around you. Also, the texture at the end of the board provides an indication of where your feet are on the board!

For All Skill Levels

The Froth surfboard collection offers a perfect combination of a performance design and a beginner-friendly design. The Froth comes with all the benefits of a rigid surfboard, but minimizes the risk of injury for everyone!

Catch More Waves

Created for fun and versatility, they are all-purpose boards that can be used for small waves as well as the big waves of Hawaii. Its lightweight and durable construction makes it very easy to use and fun in any type of wave!

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