SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&
SHUBU Lūnr 10&

SHUBU Lūnr 10'4 - Inflatable Paddleboard

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The SHUBU Lūnr is our brand-new entry-level inflatable recreational package designed to get you on the water fast and affordably.  A lightweight, versatile board that loves to travel, the SHUBU Lūnr comes with our ultra-comfortable Honey Fomb heat embossed deck pad and neoprene carry handles for easy transport to and from the water.  A  single 9-inch standard SUP  fin installs with an easy-to-use thumbscrew – no tools required.

Functionalities & Materials

Multi-Purpose Paddle Board: This inflatable paddle board is perfect for cruising, yoga or even fishing on calmer waters like lakes, rivers and harbors.

Complete Package For Your Needs: Package includes: inflatable paddle board, lightweight adjustable fiberglass 3-piece travel paddle, Lightweight carry backpack, high pressure pump and gauge, 9'' Dolphin Fin, Smartphone Dry Bag with Lanyard, leash and repair kit.

Improved Stability And Rigidity: High quality military drop stitch provides maximum stability and rigidity while keeping the board durable and lightweight.

Added Comfort: Ultra-comfortable honeycomb embossed deck pad provides easy grip that is soft on the feet.

Storage Space: This SUP has 6 anchor points with bungee cords and deck tie-downs to hold gear.

Easy Installation And Transportation: The center fin box comes with a 9” quick connect fin for a toolless install and high performance in all conditions. Multiple, easy carry neoprene handles for easy transport.

Slmd Construction: SLMD Construction


Length: 124 in - 314.96 cm
Thickness: 6 in - 15.24 cm
Width: 32 in - 81.28 cm
Fin set: SINGLE
Fin included: 9'' Dolphin
Construction: SLMD Construction
Novice MAX.: 210 LBS.
Intermediate MAX.: 230 LBS.
Advanced MAX.: 260 LBS.

SMLD Construction

Carrying a board has never been so easy

The Lūnr has 3 Soft Neoprene Carry Handles making it so easy to carry it around, in and out the water.

Perfect for beginner or yoga fan

Paddle in comfort with the premium quality honeycomb embossed deck pad. Its High quality military drop stitch will provide you with stability and rigidity no matter what your level of expertise.

Ready to accompany you for a full day of paddling

This board is equipped 6 D-rings with bungee for versatile gear storage. They ensure enough space to take all your essentials along for a day on the water, while keeping your gear secure.

Complete Accessory Package

easy transportation

Transport Bag with padded shoulder straps & waist belt


Double-Action Hand Pump

Bring along all your essentials

Smartphone Dry Bag

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