Meet the Versa: An All-Around SUP

Boardworks Versa All Around SUP

At Boardworks, we've been in the rigid stand up paddle board (SUP) and inflatable SUP business for over two decades now, and we know what it takes to make a versatile board that meets all of your needs. The Versa 10’6 All-Around SUP is the ultimate stand up paddle board for all of your waterway adventures. Whether you’re an aspiring aqua yogi or an avid explorer with a sense of adventure, the Versa is a great choice. We've designed a board that combines beauty and brawn for the best of both worlds.

Boardworks Versa Deck DetailsThe Versa Puts Your Mind at Ease with a Durable Construction

When you’re out on the water, you don’t want to worry about how well your board will hold up. We want you to feel safe and secure on a SUP board that withstands the bumps of regular use. The Versa comes close to being indestructible. This outstanding durability is the result of a combination of Kevlar and PVC materials and a bamboo veneer that is just as strong as it looks. Feel the gentle sway of the water under your feet and know that the Versa is ready for any ride.



Paddler on Boardworks Versa SUP

Versatility Is Key, and the Versa Has It All

As the name implies, the Versa is one of our most versatile paddle boards. Whether you are a veteran with over a decade of experience under your belt or still relatively new after learning to paddle board last summer, the Versa has the features you need to succeed. A wide design offers extra stability for beginners to gain their footing but is not too wide for experts to lose the additional control they want in a board. Hop on the Versa, and you’ll see how easily it glides through the water, shattering expectations for a board its size. As far as do-it-all boards are concerned, the Versa is a great choice.



Versa Paddle Board Standing Upright

Enjoy a Beautif Board That You’re Proud to Show Off

There’s nothing wrong with searching for a paddle board that is just as easy on the eyes as it is on the water. We like to think we have a magnificent eye for detail, especially when creating the Versa. The beautiful bamboo veneer gives the Versa a style that would look right at home on a tropical vacation. Bright blue and green accents give the board a summery vibe that will set the mood before you even get on the water. The Versa is a beauty to behold.




Boardworks Aluminum Paddle

Get All the Extra Accessories You Need 

We offer a range of accessories that can complete your paddle boarding experience. Our 2-Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle makes it easy to find the perfect length and get the maximum efficiency out of every stroke. The Paddleboard Day Bag is a must-have when carrying the Versa from the water to your car or vice versa. When it comes time to get out on the water this summer, we've got you covered.