Best Paddle Boarding in the US

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At this point, we’ve all heard of—or perhaps, if we’re lucky enough, even visited—the best places to paddle board in the US. 

Lake Tahoe, an azure paradise spanning the borders of California and Nevada. The tranquil Florida Keys, which boast hundreds of miles’ worth of soft, sandy beaches. Manhattan—where you can take in the sights and sounds of the Big Apple on the currents of the Hudson River. 

But what about all the under-appreciated, underrecognized paddle boarding spots out there? What are some of the best SUP destinations that don’t always get top billing? 

Caddo Lake 

For a rustic, backwoods bayou adventure that’s got plenty of peculiar, gothic charm to spare, head down south toward Caddo Lake, an unspoiled body of water that’s shared by Louisiana and Texas. 

A 25,000+ acre lake with plenty of wildlife to occupy the animal lovers in your party (including bobcats, waterbirds, and more), Caddo Lake is ideal for outdoor explorers who want a memorable paddle boarding experience that’s truly off the beaten path. 

Be advised, though: there are occasionally a few gators to be found in this lake, and the water isn’t of the clear blue variety you’re likely to find in the Gulf of Mexico. 

So, if you can handle a bit of murkiness, and don’t mind sharing your space with a cold-blooded critter or two, book yourself a flight to nearby Shreveport, Louisiana and head to Caddo Lake. 

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The Great Lakes 

When you think of the best SUP destinations, what springs to mind? White sand beaches, clear water, tropical vegetation? 

Well, you might not encounter any sea turtles or dolphins paddle boarding through the Great Lakes, but you are guaranteed tranquil, clear, welcoming waters and gorgeous sights at any of the Great Lakes—titanic bodies of water located in the Upper Midwest of the United States. 

When the winter ice begins to thaw in April, water sports enthusiasts abound at Lake Michigan, Erie, Ontario, Huron, and Superior well into the fall (things start to slow down when the ice returns with the cold weather in October). 

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Hood River 

Threaded between Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument, the Mount Hood National Forest, and neighboring Mount Adams, the Hood River of western Oregon offers sight-seeing opportunities galore for seasoned paddle boarders. 

Celebrated far and wide for its windsurfing, the Hood River is now embraced by many standup paddle board enthusiasts as an ideal space to recharge your mental batteries in the wilderness and test your paddling abilities. (The Hood River offers a range of difficulty levels, including raging whitewater rapids.) 

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Feeling inspired to go on a new adventure? 

Then start packing your bags. And don’t forget to have one of our paddle boards in tow to make the most of your experience! 

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