Wake SUP ’17

7"6' - 8"0'

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Designed specifically for Wake SUP surfing performance, the Boardworks Wake SUPs are designed with progressive foils and rockers, along with shorter board lengths to fit perfectly in the “pocket” of the boat wake.

What makes Wake SUPing different from Wake surfing?

-When you are Wake SUPing, rides are a lot longer because you are able to stay in the wake and can ride a longer section (in the pocket or out on the shoulder)

-You have more stability with the paddle. There is less falling and restarting, allowing for a faster learning curve and a higher rate of success.

-You can perform more maneuvers with Boardworks Wake SUP boards such as nose riding, tail slides, off the lip, crossing over the wake, switch stance, 180s, 360s and much more.

Constructed of single density stringerless hand-shaped EPS cores with epoxy resin laminations and a vacuum bagged bamboo veneer decking, painted with superior automotive grade paint and polish coat with a gloss finish.


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Dimensions Volume (L) Fins Tech Size & Ability
7'6" x 30" x 4.5" 113 5 EPX-V
8'0"x 30" x 4.25" 115 5 EPX-V