Boardworks Joins the Confluence Outdoor Family


Eight months ago, when we became Confluence Outdoor, we set a high priority goal of bringing a SUP brand into our portfolio. We have been closely watching this growing market to find the perfect partner, and we are proud to say that with J.H. Whitney’s support, our management and steering committee’s vision and planning, and our entire company’s commitment and hard work during a period of great change, we have found that partner in Boardworks. The company has established itself as a true leader and innovator and we are excited to welcome them into our organization.  We know this new partnership will provide an even more well-rounded set of offerings to our consumers and will enhance our ability to foster passion and enthusiasm for outdoor adventure.

Boardworks’ product line includes paddle boards, surf boards, paddles, and accessories under the Boardworks brand name as well as InfinityBadfishMorrelli & MelvinHynson, Strive, and Hansen.  Learn more about Boardworks and their great range of products here. Boardworks’ operations will continue business as usual at their Carlsbad campus. The management teams from both Boardworks and Confluence will work closely together on a plan to determine the best ways to optimize the strengths of each organization to achieve future goals. Mike Fox, Owner of Boardworks, will be staying on to consult and help ensure a smooth transition. It is with great pleasure that we welcome Boardworks to the Confluence Outdoor family! – Sue


Battle of Self Love – A Personal Best Story by Haley Mills

The Battle of the Paddle was the first race that I registered for that I knew I wouldn’t win. Yes, that might seemingly be a negative thought to most, but I consider myself to be realistic. I knew this race would be a a self acceptance competition. I know I have the potential to do my very best, but I always want to challenge myself to raise the bar and push my expectations of how well I can do.

In competition, I become so focused that it feels like I’m the only athlete on the course. I black out and go into what is called “the flow state.” In the flow state, I have had mental and physical breakthroughs. That’s what keeps me competing. In July, I went to Encinitas, CA to surf and visit my amazing sponsor, Boardworks. They gave me a temp job answering phones and helping around the office. They said I helped around the office, but I think it’s because they just like my energy and the fact that I sometimes giggle too much.  So, I ended up renting a room and focusing on surfing and training for the BOP. I tagged along on every training in the North County I could find and bothered so many people picking their brains on “training.”

All I knew was that–

  • I am a sprinter at heart
  • I have enough surf skills for a river girl
  • I am really good at dealing with chaos
  • I had no endurance training
  • Lastly I knew I could do it!!

I had three months to train. I went for it even though I was out of my river element. I was intimidated to register for the elite race and super nervous for the conditions. I became nervous because when I stand beside any body of water, I feel small. I have so much respect for water that sometimes I turn that deep respect into fear. Water has almost taken my life too many times to count, and I have felt its real power.

I was definitely out of my element when I was standing in the sand looking at the huge waves breaking on the reef and being lined up with 40 other women waiting for the horn to sound. Up until now, I had been weighing my options about wearing a helmet or not. Just before the race began, I grabbed my sweet protection helmet. This helmet and I have been in some very intimate situations. I call it my “shit running” helmet, and I only wear it in the most gnarly conditions.

I have achieved so many personal records in this helmet: my first creek race on Homestake, my first 40ft waterfall, survived epic beat downs, and countless celebrations.  As soon as I slipped my shit running helmet on, I felt the power of all those experiences and how I over came them. I have compared my helmet sanctuary to  thunder coats that dogs wear. All of my knowledge felt like water rushing over me. This gave me the confidence that I had been searching for. When I put my helmet on, I turned all of my nervous energy into strength and self love. Preparing to begin such an unfamiliar race, my helmet became the only familiar thing to me and I transformed into a warrior. I was ready to charge!

In my race, the first course lap was my best with an 11:42 minute lap time. We launched from the beach in front of the break. This lap was the shortest and the most technical lap of the entire race. The other course laps included running the chicane and ended at a small channel that made it easier to get out of…if timed correctly. I was completely fired up on how well I did for the first lap, but slowly I started to slip down the rankings once the flat water increased. In the end, I couldn’t care less about how I placed.  All I wanted to do was to finish the race and do the best of my abilities. I completed my personal goal.

After the race I realized that there had been a death on the course……a personal death of doubting myself, my self worth, my potential, my intuition, my fear, and my knowledge. Since BOP, I refuse to have any doubt towards what I can accomplish, how hard I push myself as a competitor, a woman, or as a random girl you see with a paddle. However, I really don’t give myself enough credit for everything I do and for the things I ask my body to do. Why is that? Why don’t I praise myself and send myself positive, encouraging energy? I constantly get lost in all my day dreams of what’s next for me, and what different variations of SUP or Kayaking that I want to learn. I don’t always trust myself. In the back of my mind, I worry. I ask myself, “If it doesn’t work out what’s gonna happen with my sponsors?” Or, “if I don’t win prize money how can I be sure I will be able to afford to make it to the next event?” I need to remember to believe it’s going to happen and it’s gonna work out. It always works out. So why would I doubt it now after seven years?

“There is no thought that you cannot eventually have— just as there is no place that you cannot eventually reach from wherever you are– but you cannot instantly jump to a thought that has a vibrational frequency very different from the thoughts your are usually thinking” Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks See read more about Haley and follow her blog go to her blog : Photos by Flux Photography

Boardworks is having a GINORMOUS Surf and SUP DEMO SALE this Week!

FALL is here and it’s time for us to have our GINORMOUS surf and sup DEMO SALE!

it’s happening this week. 4 days – 2 locations.

  • Thursday Nov 6, noon – 6 at Boardworks
  • Friday Nov 7, 9 am – 4 pm at Boardworks 5925 Priestly Drive, Suite 120 Carlsbad Ca 92008
  • Saturday Nov 8, 10 am – 5 pm at Infinity Surfboards
  • Sunday Nov 9, 10am – 2 pm at Infinity Surfboards 24382 Del Prado Dana Point Ca 92629

Sale flyers

Setting Up Your Stand Up Paddleboard For Fishing by Mike Harvey

Article original published by Badfish.

Stand Up Paddling is an incredibly diverse platform for exploring water. At Badfish SUP we are paddlers, surfers and fishermen. I got my first inflatable SUP in 2007 and almost immediately saw the potential for inflatable stand up paddleboards as a tool for fishing. In early 2008 I took the board with me when my family traveled to Tulum, Mexico. I wanted to do some bone fishing but couldn’t afford to pay for guided fishing. I put in with the board at Boca Paila, with my then 6 year old son Miles on board, to go hunt some Bonefish. I caught several bones, cast at some permit and got warned off by a local because apparently I was paddling around in an area where salt water crocs were active with a six year old…my wife is still unimpressed with that one.

Speaking of fishing in Mexico, here is a great video from our friend Trapper Rudd fishing off the Badfisher for Tarpon and Bonefish in a remote spot in Mexico.

In any case the hook was set….SUP fishing is a truly unique platform for fishing. Standing up tall stand up paddlers can spot fish from a much greater distance than fishermen seated in a kayak. A stand up paddleboard is a very stealthy craft to sneak into casting range and playing a landing fish off a SUP is just downright fun.

Badfisher stand up paddleboard SUP fishing inflatable fish travel

The Badfisher inflatable stand up paddleboard was designed specifically for fishing and makes a great option for travel. With multiple Scotty Paddlesports mounting plates and a ton of D rings the Badfisher gives you a lot of options for carrying your gear. There are plenty of options for rigging up your board but here’s the way we set up our boards most of the time:

fishing, SUP fishing, fly fishing, stand up paddleboard, paddleboard, stand up paddling, adventure travel.

The gear we use for a typical day of fishing off the Badfisher Badfisher Inflatable Fishing SUP: I take the bungee cord off for most days of fishing and strap directly to the d rings. Remember the the screws for mounting your Scotty mounts are located in the orange repair kit tube when you first get your Badfisher. Scotty Paddlesports Mounts: Scotty makes a ton of mounts. There are all sorts of options for your three mounting plates. I always go with an anchor mount up front so I can hold my position, a rod holder in the rear (in this case its a fly rod holder, they make rod holders for whatever tackle you prefer) and the Scotty Anchor Kit. There are also good anchor options from NRS if you want a lighter weight anchor for travel that you can then fill with rocks or sand when you get to the water. Small Cooler: I like the Igloo Marine Ultra 54 Quart. I use this cooler for a seat when I am re-tying a fly or rigging something on the board. It’s also handy for carrying your favorite cold beverage ;).  When I am flying somewhere to fish I leave the cooler at home.

Boardfisher Safari Pack from Boardworks Surf: The Safari pack is a very cleverly designed fishing basket. It’s internal PVC frame breaks down and the whole thing fits into a carrying bag so it’s easy to take with you on a trip. The Safari pack has multiple integrated rod holders, a paddle pocket that you can stick the blade into to keep track of your paddle while casting and a big internal basket for your tackle.

sup fishing, travel, stand up paddling, stand up paddle, fishing

The Boardfisher’s internal PVC frame breaks down so you can easily carry this basket with you for fishing travel

boardfisher, badfisher, safari pack, sup fishing, travel fishing, fishing, stand up paddle, stand up paddling, SUP

The internal PVC frame is sturdy and breaks down easily for travel Small Dry Bag: The Boardfisher Safari Pack is made of heavy duty mesh so I like to bring a small dry bag for items I want to keep dry inside the basket. Cam Straps: The variety of D-Rings on the Badfisher give you a lot of options for tying down your gear. In general you need a variety of 1′, 2′ & 3′ long cam straps. These are available at your local paddling store. I would buy more than you think you need to have options for figuring out how you like to strap on your gear.

sup fishing, stand up paddling, stand up paddle, SUP, travel, adventure, fly fishing, SUP fishing basket, tackle box

The Safari Pack has sturdy d-rings to strap your basket to your Badfisher

You can strap your cooler to the Badfisher using the handle

You can strap your cooler to the Badfisher using the handle Here’s what the board looks like all rigged up and ready to fish.

Badfish, stand up paddle, paddleboards, fishing, SUP fishing, inflatable stand up paddleboard, SUP fishing

The Badfisher all rigged up and ready to fish.

Remember to share your photos, videos and ideas about SUP fishing on our Facebook Page, Instagram @badfishsup and on the SUP Fishing Group Page on Facebook.

Tight lines! -Mike Harvey, Salida, CO

Boardworks Battle of the Paddle 2014 Video – check it out!

This years’ Battle of the Paddle at Salt Creek was a spectacular event. With 6-8ft south swell pumping the 2014 BOP saw some amazing racing with gnarly crashes and unbelievable wave ridng on 12’6 raceboards.  This video captures a feel for the entire event from inside the Boardworks crew. Check out the spills, thrills and comraderey that made this years Battle of the Paddle the best ever.

It’s Not too Late to get PaddleFit Certified in 2014


PaddleFit Level One Certification

PaddleFit Level 1 is a foundational course with the nucleus being water safety including the laws and regulations surrounding SUP. Level 1 will also cover industry knowledge such as equipment design and proper equipment sizing as well as basic paddling and teaching skills in a group setting. You will learn how to teach the class “PaddleFit Basics” which is an introductory to SUP class. You will be sent materials to study before you take the course and take an exam when you arrive to take Level 1. The exam will cover the basic laws and regulations surround the sport of SUP. You will need to be able to show that you are a confident paddler and communicator during the course. This will be accomplished by completing and passing our physical, written and verbal tests.

PaddleFit Level Two Certification

PaddleFit Level 2 builds on the foundation of Level 1 with the emphasis now being on learning the basic concepts of the PaddleFit coaching system. Which will include fundamental paddling technique, stroke breakdown as well as introducing PaddleFit fitness and coaching concepts. This course will allow you to work more in-depth on paddling skills as well as implement the PaddleFit training programs such as PaddleFit Tech 1 which is our fundamental technique class as well as PaddleFit Intro which is or introductory fitness class. Level 2 will cover group dynamics, class management and introduce you to how to assess your clients. You will also learn PaddleFit’s own cue-based technique progression.

PaddleFit Level Three Certification

PaddleFit Level 3 is all about becoming an advanced level coach. Our focus will be on teaching you the PaddleFit System in it’s entirety by introducing you to the advanced level PaddleFit teaching techniques and cues. You will learn how to implement all of the PaddleFit classes such as: PaddleFit Tech 2, PaddleFit Challenge, PaddleFit Water, Land and Complete as well as perform the PaddleFit Assessment. You will leave this course with the tools you need to empower your clients and get them on the path to a happy and healthy PaddleFit lifestyle as well as become a PaddleFit Affiliate.   Here is the info for the rest of the 2014 Paddle Fit schedule:

Level 1 and 2

  • October 18th and 19th Knoxville, TN
  • October 18th and 19th Tacoma, WA
  • October 25th and 26th Jupiter, FL

Level 1, 2, and 3

  • November 10th – 13th Auckland, New Zealand
  • November 15th – 18th Sydney, Australia

Click here for more info and sign up details: