Introducing Boardworks Surf and SUP lineup for 2014

2014 is going to be a great year here at Boardworks!  With the goal of enhancing your experience on the water and keeping you stoked, we have made many new additions to our Surf and SUP collections that we are really excited about. We have added new models in the following categories:

  • Boardworks New Poly Surfboard line – Shortboards, Mid size, Longboards
  • Soft Surfboards – NURF! surfboards
  • SUP touring – GREAT BEAR 12’6, 14’0, Raven 2 12’6
  • SUP Race – ERADICATOR 12’6 narrow, 12’6 standard, 14’0
  • SUP Surf and All-Around Paddling – Kraken 9’9, 10’3
  • Women’s SUP models –  SIRENA 9’11, 10’4, 10’6′ 12’6
  • SUP 6″ Inflatables – SHUBU MOD 9’6 & 10’6, SHUBU 12’6
  • SUP Intro Packages – JETTY Board, Paddle & Leash package
  • SUP Paddles and Apparel

The focus of Boardworks design has always been user-friendly products that make your time on the water more enjoyable.  We realize there are many types of waterways in this world and many different ways to enjoy Stand Up Paddling and surfing. Our design approach ensures we have the perfect board for your next adventure. Click here to download the complete catalog: Here is an introduction to our new products for 2014: BOARDWORKS SURFBOARD LINE 2014 SOFT SURFBOARD category: Boardworks NURF! Surfboards SUP TOURING catagory:  the 12’6 and 14′ Great Bear SUPs   Inspired by Norm’s conservation efforts, Boardworks has pledged $20 of the sale of each Great Bear board to be donated to StandUp4GreatBear, a non-profit organization that promotes awareness and encourages the protection of Great Bear Rainforest through “expeditions, partnerships and action.” Our hope is not only to help protect the Great Bear Rainforest but to inspire people all over the world to take action to protect the waters that they paddle and love. SUP RACE Category: ERADICATOR  12’6 narrow, 12’6 standard, 14’0 WOMENS SUP category: SIRENA 9’11, 10’4, 10’6, 12’6   SUP Surf and All-Around Category: KRAKEN 9’9 and 10’3   INFLATABLE SUP category: New 6″ thick SHUBU models Mod 9’6 and 10’6, Raven 12’6 SUP INTRO category BOARD + PADDLE  + LEASH package:  JETTY Stand Up Paddle   Boardworks SUP Paddles: Boardworks offers a full line of paddles to meet the needs of each and every SUP paddler: high performance surf and race paddles,  in a variety of materials: carbon, kevlar, dynal and wood veneer paddles. We offer a wide selection of adjustable paddles as well from our performance veneer and dynal paddles to the economical aluminum and fiberglass/plastic  paddles. Boatdworks 2014 Apparel