Designed and tested in Southern California, Infinity will bring you to a new level of  SUP surfing and race performance

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Infinity was founded in 1970, by the legendary craftsman and 2010 SUP Connect “Shaper of the Year” finalist Steve Boehne. Infinity is known for their performance Surf SUPs and progressive race designs.

Dave Boehne notes, “Our Boardworks range is going to cater to the progressive, experienced SUP surfer…guys and girls that have been surfing SUP’s for a while now and are looking to push themselves to the next level. I believe they will fit nicely in the Boardworks offering and translate into their TEC technology perfectly.”

Shaper: Steve Boehne. Designer: Dave Boehne.

Steve Boehne. Steve is truly one of the finest surfboard craftsmen of our time. He started Infinity Surfboards in 1970. The first 20 years he personally shaped over 500 boards per year. Boehne still personally shapes 400+ boards per year beside 5 additional Infinity shapers.

Steve and Barrie Boehne were tandem surfing stars for over 30 years. They won more contests than any other tandem team in history. Their wins include 6 Makaha International Titles, 8 Biarritz-European Championships, and 2 ASP World Titles. Boehne’s tandem board shapes are prized the world over. Surfing, as well as foam dust, are in Boehne’s blood.

Steve has a comprehensive understanding of surfboard design learned from his many years of riding and shaping such a wide variety of boards. He rides and makes everything from Stand Up Paddleboards, shortboards, longboards, tandem boards, guns, kneeboards, sailboards, paddleboards, wakeboards, to wave ski’s.

Dave Boehne. Steve taught Dave how to use a planer and hand shape boards from scratch. Dave has always been a fan of riding ALL types of surfboards from performance thrusters, twinnies, logs, singlefins and SUP’s searching for the next “feel”.

From the mid 1990′s to the early 2000′s Dave surfed and competed on the WQS tour both in shortboard and longboard divisions. Dave placed 1st in a handful of PLA Events (Professional Longboard Association) on his own shapes (at that time a twin fin longboard design which is an infinity staple called the “cluster”) and reached the semi-finals in the US Open of Longboarding. Dave has competed in many SUP events including the Stand Up World Tour event at Huntington ripping through the trials finishing strong in the main event.

Dave started working for some of the industry’s biggest companies like …Lost, etnies, OAM and Ezekiel managing the worlds best surfers like Jamie O’brien, the Malloys, Chris Ward, Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherley to name a few as a Surf Marketing Manager. This experience gave Dave the opportunity to travel the world and try different shapes in all types of waves with some of the worlds best surfers.