About Us

Welcome To Boardworks Surf!

We make over 150 models of molded epoxy sandwich surfboards and Stand Up Paddle boards designed by some of your favorite shapers.

Our Philosophy

Here at Boardworks we are passionate about all things to do with the ocean and water lifestyle we all embrace. Our goal is to share that passion, to promote respect for the planet, it's creatures and each other and to make surfing and stand up paddle more fun for more people.

Boardworks represents some of the best shapers in the world and bring their premier models to the global water community manufactured with our proprietary construction technologies.

We offer the most advanced complete line of SUP boards, paddles and accessories available for every kind of SUP paddling; performance surfing, flat water touring and racing, white water paddling, open ocean racing and fitness paddling. We have the perfect equipment to fit your ability, from entry level to elite and expert SUP athletes.

Company History

Boardworks was originally founded under the name Windsurfing Works in the early nineties specializing in molded epoxy sandwich construction windsurfers and carbon masts and booms. As the focus of the company became broader it was renamed Acme Supply with a product array including a combination of surf, windsurf, kiteboards and carbon booms and masts.

In 2003 the name "Boardworks" was adopted and the product line had changed to be exclusively surf focused including some of the world's best shapers and brands in the surf industry. In 2007 Boardworks widened their product line to include Stand Up Paddle boards. Boardworks TEC construction with its amazing strength to weight ratio is the ideal build for SUPs and surfboards enabling Boardworks to offer lighter and stronger boards.

Today the Boardworks product line is equally focused on surf and SUP which include some of the world's best brands: Ben Aipa, Bill Stewart, Bruce Jones, Dewey Weber, Don Hansen, Kane Garden, Mike Eaton, Mike Hynson, Von Sol, Rusty, Paddle Surf Hawaii, Infinity, Ohana, Morrelli and Melvin, Badfish and more. Our products are distributed around the world spreading smiles and happiness to surfers and paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

The Boardworks Crew

Mike Fox - Owner

Born and raised in Hawaii, Mike's life has been centered around the ocean, an accomplished canoe paddler, paddle boarder, surfer, bodysurfer and swimmer. He is also a licensed instrument rated pilot. Mike began his work career at 15 as a City and County Lifeguard in Honolulu and went on to establish a successful modular building company for 20 years. He sold this business in 2007 and now is excited about his new ownership of Boardworks. When not working you can find Mike surfing, snow skiing, and spending time with his two daughters.

Bob Rief - Owner / Operating Officer

Bob Rief, Boardworks Operating Officer/ Owner...Navy brat from Coronado... started surfing long ago. Decided that "sports" might be a good career choice... over a life time. He has been active in the winter sports, golf, and surf industries working with some of the smaller companies in those industries like Nike, Reef, Merrel and Sanuk. Bob lives in Cardiff near the office surfs or SUPs almost every day.

Phil Rainey - General Manager

Phil Rainey is a man of many talents. Product manager extraordinaire, videographer, and Small Water specialist (check the videos), Boardworks would not be the same without him.

Gretchen Gamble - Marketing Director

Originally from Colorado, Gretchen grew up with a passion for nature; camping, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding... loving everything outdoors. She relocated to the Northwest to be close to the ocean and learned to surf in frigid, shark infested waters of the spectacularly beautiful Oregon coast. She now resides in Oceanside, Ca where the water is a lot warmer and there are more dolphins than sharks (or so she hopes). She has a background in Fine Arts, sculpture, trade show display design , interior design and power tools.

Monique Dabbs - Staff Accountant

Monique Dabbs finally got the chance to blend her two loves, the ocean and finance, when she came aboard at Boardworks. A Southern California native, Monique comes to San Diego via Santa Barbara and Ventura, where she has worked the financial angle in the industries of music, footwear and real estate. A longtime ballet dancer and budding yogini, she is currently using her balance techniques to master the stand-up-paddle board, a new challenge. Connoisseur of red wines and creator of a mean mac'n'cheese, Monique's main motivation is a passion for life lived near and in our beautiful oceans.

Ryan Mahoney - California Sales Manager

After growing up in Utah as a skier and wishing he was a surfer, Ryan Mahoney decided to make it a reality by moving to Costa Rica. After spending 7 months, 5 hours a day in perfect waves he became an avid surfer. He landed in Socal in 2005 and began his life at Boardworks 2 years later. With the uncanny ability to speak English, Spanish, Portuguese & even a little Mandarin Chinese & Italian, Ryan is truly the wonder boy of the Boardworks team.

Brent Heemstra - Warehouse Manager

Brent has single-handedly shipped out more surfboards and SUPs in a single day than most people would think humanly possible. And what's more…at the end of the day he still has a smile on his face. Brent moved to Southern Califonia after spending 12 years in Laguna and joined us at Boardworks in 2009. He enjoys skimboarding, Stand Up Paddling and an occasional beer or two.

Jose Gandara - Customer Service

Jose was born & raised in the desert of Phoenix, AZ and moved to San Diego in '96 to gain Rick Kane (North Shore) status. Avid snowboarder, musician(drummer/DJ), tattoo collector and beer connoisseur... quiet but deadly, almost ninja like... Jose plans on living in the water all summer shredding Boardworks' surfboards & SUPs. You probably should too!

Dan Funk - Customer Service / Bookeeper

Dan grew up moving around California, Florida, Virginia, and Hawaii with a growing passion for the outdoors. Each day his interest for action sports expanded through skateboarding, skydiving, and snowboarding, but it was his love for the ocean that kept him surfing. After graduating from Florida State University Dan found himself with the Boardworks team in Encinitas and surfs nearly every day.

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